Dr Dallas Rogers, Dr Sophia Maalsen and Dr Desiree Fields (UC Berkeley)

This project aims to show how digital technologies are transforming the private rental sector in Australia. This project expects to generate new knowledge about the growing global reach of digital technologies aimed at private renters, landlords and property managers. The expected outcomes of this project include the production of social scientific knowledge about the potential of digital technologies to be both socially pernicious and socially progressive. This project should provide significant benefits for Australian renters and our tenant advocacy partners who represent them, and to show how digital technologies can be used to create a better housing system.

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Maalsen, S., Rogers, D., & Ross, L. P. (2020). Rent and crisis: Old housing problems require a new state of exception in Australia. Dialogues in Human Geography, 10 (2), 225-229. https://doi.org/10.1177/2043820620933849